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Fixed Fee Estate Planning

Christopher M. Alexander charges a single, fixed rate for the preparation of most estate plans. Fixed fee estate planning packages include the preparation of all documents necessary to accomplish estate planning goals, plus customary conferences, correspondence and telephone calls necessary to implement your estate planning objectives.


Alexander Estate Planning offers in-person and virtual consultations. Telephone consultations are permitted under limited circumstances where identification is verified. All appointments are scheduled directly by the Attorney to allow him/her an opportunity to gauge the complexity of the issues to be discussed and ensure sufficient time is reserved.

Flat Fee Estate Planning Options:

Estate Plan Review

No Charge


Your estate plan is a work in progress and will evolve over time. All estate plans should be reviewed periodically as changes occur in your life, including bringing a child into the home (birth or adoption), divorce or remarriage, changes in health, changes in your financial situation, changes in business ownership, death of a beneficiary, or changes to your distribution plan.

Tier I – Last Will and Testament Package

$1,000 Individual / $1,250 Married Couple


The Tier I Estate Planning package is a cost-effective option for individuals and families who do not have minor children, disabled beneficiaries, or concerns about structuring their family's inheritance to sidestep lawsuits, divorce, creditors, or poor financial decisions. Estate plans based on a Last Will and Testament are personalized for each individual and include:  

Last Will and Testament

Ohio Uniform Power of Attorney

Ohio Living Will Declaration

Ohio Health Care Power of Attorney

Payable on Death (POD)

Transfer on Death (TOD)

Transfer on Death Designation Affidavit

Survivorship Deed


Tier II – Revocable Living Trust Package

$2,000 Individual / $2,500 Married Couple


The Tier II Estate Planning package is the most requested flat fee package offered and accounts for nearly two thirds of the estate plans our firm creates. Trust based estate planning offers individuals and families who are looking to avoid probate peace of mind knowing their wealth will be effectively transferred to loved ones confidentially outside of court. A properly drafted Trust will safeguard your family's inheritance from lawsuits, divorce, and creditors.

Tier II Estate Planning incorporates all of the estate planning tools referenced in the Tier I Estate Planning package into a more comprehensive Trust based estate plan. A Revocable Living Trust based estate plan is an option that should be considered by married couples who plan to have children in the future, unmarried individuals with minor children, and anyone with beneficiaries who are minors. Estate plans based on a Revocable Living Trust are personalized for each individual and family.  


Tier III – Asset Protection Package

$3,300 Individual / $3,800 Married Couple


The Tier III Estate Planning package incorporates all of the estate planning tools referenced in the Tier I Estate Planning and Tier II Estate Planning packages but is designed for individuals and families who require added protections due to accumulated wealth or additional complexity. This option is often appropriate for individuals and families who have more than $1,000,000 in net worth and those who own a closely held business that is intended to be handed down to designated beneficiaries.


This estate planning package is useful for blended families who want to ensure a surviving spouse is protected during their life and that children from each spouse are treated fairly, married couples where both spouses already have individual trusts that require updates or combining individual trusts into a single estate plan, or where one spouse desires to establish an estate plan separately from the marriage.


Fees and Costs Not Included in Fixed Fee Packages


Tier I, Tier II and Tier III estate planning packages do not include county recording fees and/or filing fees for real estate deeds and affidavits, review of prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements, review of articles of organization and/or buy-sell agreements for closely held businesses, special needs trusts, consultations concerning elder care matters, including qualifying for government benefits, extensive tax planning and estates whose value exceeds the federal estate tax exemption (2024 = $13.61 million).

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